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About 20Twenty Wealth Management

Bryan Baker and Jodi Krechowiecki have clients with a few thousand dollars, we have clients with millions. We have never turned a client away. That’s because we believe that todays $50,000 client is tomorrows $500,000 client (if we all do our jobs right). We start giving fee discounts to clients who have household investment holdings (both spouses and kids combined), totalling just $100,000! High net worth pricing you don’t have to be rich to receive.

We don’t sell anything. We provide advice, develop strategies and create plans for our clients to achieve their goals and dreams. We are in the business of developing relationships with our clients. You see, we feel that a relationship is infinitely more important than a transaction. Developing relationships with our clients helps us do better work. The bank employee has no vested interest other than collecting a paycheque from the corporation by doing what they tell her/him to do. We are our “corporation”. Our vested interest is in you and your family; in creating your wealth; in protecting your wealth. In fact, our paycheques depend on it.

Who would you rather discuss your financial future with? A salaried bank employee, or a friend you have in the business? We hope to be your friends in the business.


Reduce income tax on every paycheque!

Invest regularly into Golden Opportunities Fund shares through the Fund’s Payroll Investment Plan (PIP)–contributions are easily deducted off every paycheque, plus tax savings and credits are received on every paycheque, reducing income tax at source. Use the Payroll Calculator to estimate your tax savings.


*A bi-weekly contribution of $62 can result in an annual RSP investment of $5,000 based on 26 pay periods per year, basic personal tax exemptions and a sample marginal tax rate of 35%. Marginal tax rates vary per individual, for more information visit GoldenOpportunities.ca/Payroll-Calculator.

Calculate your tax savings now using our
Payroll Calculator!

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