Receive 32.5% in tax credits (15% Federal tax credit plus 17.5% Provincial tax credit) on any amount up to $5,000 invested annually. Investments are also 100% RRSP eligible. Visit the Investment Calculator to estimate your tax savings.

*Example assumes a marginal tax rate of 47.50%. Marginal tax rates vary per individual, for more information visit 32.5% in tax credits available on investments up to $5,000 annually.


Receive a 32.5% tax credit on your investment in the A-share, i-share, R-share or a combination.

A diversified portfolio strategically focused on local companies in diverse sectors.

+ Portfolio

Focused on innovation companies plus the i-share offers loss protection exclusive to this share class1.

+ Portfolio

100% resource-focused portfolio.

+ Portfolio


Step 1

Get started electronically or speak to your Financial Advisor or contact the Fund to find a Financial Advisor near you at 1-888-866-4494.

Step 2

Make investing easy! Choose the contribution method that is best for you!

Step 3

Make the most of the 32.5% tax credit with investment strategies.

Make the most of the 32.5% tax credit available on an investment in Golden Opportunities Fund shares by using these investment strategies.