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    A selection of materials on Golden Opportunities Fund are available free of charge. If you are interested in receiving copies of materials, please complete the form and submit your request.

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    Materials Requested
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    Prospectus(December 2020)
    Payroll Investment Plan Brochure (folded 3.5”x8.5”)
    Subscription Form
    Request for Rollover/Reinvestment Form
    RRSP Transfer Form
    Annual Brochure (folded 3.5”x8.5”)
    Annual Report (August 31, 2020)
    Semi-annual Report (February 28, 2020)
    Privacy Policy(folded 3.5"x8.5")
    Golden Opportunities Fund Brochure Holder
    Investment Strategies Highlight Sheet (8.5”x11”)
    Portfolio Highlights
    Complete Investment Kit

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