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How To Invest

Are you interested in investing in Golden Opportunities Fund, or have further questions regarding the Fund?

Individual investors should seek advice from a Registered Investment Advisor in making financial investment decisions. Shares of Golden Opportunities Fund can only be purchased through Investment Advisors licensed to sell Labour-sponsored Investment Funds. Before investing in Golden Opportunities Fund please ensure you read the Fund’s Prospectus which contains important information about the Fund.

If you do not have a licensed Investment Advisor and would like assistance in locating one the Fund can help you find one in your community.

Contact the Fund at 1 (888) 866-4494 to locate a licensed Investment Advisor.

Tax Credits

Join over 28,000 Saskatchewan shareholders and receive 35% in tax credits (15% Federal tax credit plus 20% Provincial tax credit). You can receive tax credits on any amount, up to $5,000 invested annually. Investments are also 100% RRSP eligible. Visit the Investment Calculator to estimate your tax savings.

*Example assumes a marginal tax bracket of 44%, a minimum taxable income of $138,587 and a $5,000 RRSP investment. 35% tax credit is available on investments up to $5,000 annually.


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