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By: JOHN GRAINGER, SASKATOON STARPHOENIX Awards are nice. The recognition from peers is a pat on the back for exemplary work. Often, a plaque or a trophy — something that will likely gather dust sitting on a mantle — is handed over as a memento. When the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce awarded Grant Kook with the 2018 business leader of the year award, he was appreciative of the honour, but didn’t shout it from the rooftop of his downtown Saskatoon office building. “Yes, it’s quite an honour and I am humbled by it. But I looked at it as an […]

Coverage starts at 8:58 When consumers shop within their community, we all benefit from job creation and dollars staying in our local economy. If the same formula is applied to investment dollars, a similar spinoff effect takes place, but on a much larger scale. An example of this can be found right here at home in Saskatchewan, with Solido Design Automation, now Mentor, a Siemens Business – a company building software that designs chips for smartphones. The Saskatoon-based company’s rise was boosted after it benefited from early investment of local dollars and expertise from Saskatchewan’s Golden Opportunities Fund allowing it […]

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – January 31, 2019 – Golden Opportunities Fund (“Golden”) is pleased to announce an investment of $9.83 million in G-Mac’s AgTeam Limited Partnership (G-Mac’s) for its future growth strategy. G-Mac’s is a hallmark business in Saskatchewan’s agriculture sector and has grown to be one of North America’s largest independently owned crop input retailers.  Founded in 2000, G-Mac’s has grown to 9 retail locations across West Central Saskatchewan, including its corporate head office in Kindersley, and is driven by a talented 90-member team with a strong focus on agronomics. G-Mac’s currently has locations in Kindersley, Eatonia, Leader, Milden, Lucky […]