By: PAT REDIGER, THINK BIG MAGAZINE When Harry Tarasoff, Jim Tarasoff and Reg Willick founded H.J.R. Asphalt in 1988 they were making a significant investment into their future. The founders, who had previously worked together in the construction industry, made the decision to start their own company and began by purchasing an asphalt drum and then fabricating the rest of the asphalt plant around it. This purchase required an investment of $5,000 from each of the men, a not inconsiderable amount for an entrepreneur. “Reg Willick tells the story of borrowing that seed capital from his wife because he didn’t […]

Congratulations to the talented team at iQmetrix on 20 years and being recognized in the Financial Post article shared below!  Golden Opportunities Fund is proud to have a long-standing history with this highly experienced management team that began as an investor in more than a decade ago, a successful management buyout that they were also the original founders of, which remains in the Fund’s portfolio.  VANCOUVER, British Columbia — May 12, 2019 marks 20 years in iQmetrix’s pursuit of creating great experiences for its people, retailers, and the end consumer. Founded in 1999, Christopher Krywulak started iQmetrix with the intention of […]

By David George-Cosh The handful of Ontario pot stores that opened on April 1 got off to a roaring start, although the strong sales are expected to ease off after a couple of weeks, according to data from Cova Software, a cannabis retail software provider. Seven out of the 10 Ontario pot stores that opened recorded an average of $50,913 in sales and 867 transactions on their first day of business, according to Cova, which provided an aggregate sales figure for the retail stores that use their software. That compares to an average of $4,976 sales per day per store and […]

By: JOHN GRAINGER, SASKATOON STARPHOENIX Awards are nice. The recognition from peers is a pat on the back for exemplary work. Often, a plaque or a trophy — something that will likely gather dust sitting on a mantle — is handed over as a memento. When the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce awarded Grant Kook with the 2018 business leader of the year award, he was appreciative of the honour, but didn’t shout it from the rooftop of his downtown Saskatoon office building. “Yes, it’s quite an honour and I am humbled by it. But I looked at it as an […]