CableMatrix, VCom, AudioCodes and Emergent Network Solutions Unveil High Quality VoIP Over WiMAX Offering; WiMAX Solution Enables High Quality Voice Services over Wireless Broadband Through Quality of Service, Policy Server Management and SIP Signaling

June 6, 2006

Release Date: June 6, 2006

08:00 EDT Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CHICAGO (Business Wire) — CableMatrix Technologies, a leading provider of Quality of Service (QoS) policy management solutions; VCom Inc. (TSX:VCM), a leading designer and manufacturer of WiMAX compatible base stations and customer premise equipment; AudioCodes, a leading provider of converged VoIP media gateways and media servers; and Emergent Networks, leading provider of advanced telecommunications software for the emerging communications networks, today announced a live demonstration of an IP voice over WiMAX call. The calls will be made from the VCom booth (#66080) to the AudioCodes booth (#53080) during GLOBALCOMM 2006. The combined elements enable high quality IP voice over the IEEE 802.16 air interface standard by incorporating dynamic QoS on behalf of authorized IP voice sessions.

The demonstration illustrates a completely deployable SIP based voice solution for broadband wireless service providers. QoS is triggered and admitted in real-time by Emergent’s Session Border Controller (SBC) and CableMatrix’s Policy Decision Function (PDF) when a call is initiated by the AudioCodes’ Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA). VCom’s VistaMAX base station allocates the necessary QoS based upon characteristics of the admitted IP voice call. Calls are then terminated off network by the AudioCodes’ core media gateway. Service quality is maintained throughout the duration of the call even when competing against bandwidth intensive video sessions.

“Our demonstration shows how wireless broadband operators can effectively manage the high-bandwidth demands of media-rich IP applications such as voice and video,” said Jay Malin, Vice President of Business Development at CableMatrix. “Together with VCom, AudioCodes and Emergent, we developed a complete solution that, by efficiently managing bandwidth resources, creates new revenue generating opportunities for the operator.”

Focusing on standards based technology, the solution demonstrates the viability of differentiated services in an IP network. Components used in the demo are compatible with the emerging WiMAX standard for interoperability and with the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework used for next-generation converged IP services.

“IP voice over WiMAX provides wireless broadband service operators an extremely cost-effective solution to bundle high-quality voice communication with data services,” said Richard Blenkinsop, Vice President of Business Development at VCom. “Through integrating our technologies, we provide operators the ability to reserve bandwidth resources that guarantee end-to-end call quality.”

“We are pleased to be a part of this demonstration of this VoIP-enabled WiMAX solution,” added Rich Poole, Director of Business Development at AudioCodes. “WiMAX-based broadband wireless is promising to provide a cost effective method for service providers to reach subscribers in a converged network. By cost-effectively voice-enabling their WiMAX networks, service providers are able to increase their revenue generating potential as well as rapidly deploy voice and data service to their customers.”

About CableMatrix

CableMatrix provides IMS compatible software solutions that enable broadband operators to maximize their revenues while delivering media-rich IP applications and services. Its standards-compliant ODSP Policy Server, in conjunction with the XAM Application Manager, enables dynamic QoS and bandwidth management on a per-customer, per-application basis, giving broadband cable operators the ability to directly link increased bandwidth usage with increased revenue. For more information, visit

About VCom

VCom Inc. (TSX:VCM) designs, manufactures and sells products that enable broadband access to cable, wireless and telephony networks. VCom’s hardware products incorporate embedded software developed by it to meet the complex requirements of next-generation, high-speed digital networks. Service providers use VCom’s solutions to deliver services to a converging worldwide broadband market, including what are commonly known as “triple play” (voice, video and data) and “quadruple play” (voice, video, data and wireless) services. VCom’s solutions allow service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively bridge the final network segment that connects the system directly to end users, commonly referred to as “the last mile,” by overcoming the bottleneck resulting from insufficient carrying capacity in legacy, last mile infrastructures. VCom’s products are directed at three principal markets: Data over Cable, Broadband Wireless and Digital Video. The Company has also developed and continues to focus on developing products to address emerging markets such as Voice over Internet Protocol, fibre to the home and IP video.

VCom is a Principal Member of the WiMAX Forum that has developed the international open standard for this new technology. Certification to the IEEE 802.16 standard under the WiMAX certification process requires interoperability of equipment manufactured by different vendors. Operators demand interoperability to ensure that economies of mass production will be achieved by aggregating production for all manufacturers. VCom’s VistaMAX Time Division Duplexing (TDD) Base Station was successfully tested for interoperability under the provided guidelines at the WiMAX Forum 3rd Plugfest in Sophia Antipolis, France in March 2006. For more information, visit

About AudioCodes

AudioCodes Ltd. enables the new voice infrastructure by providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective Voice over Packet technology and Voice Network products to OEMs, network equipment providers and system integrators. AudioCodes provides its customers and partners with a diverse range of flexible, comprehensive media gateway, server and processing technologies, based on VoIPerfect(TM) — AudioCodes’ underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway architecture. The company is a market leader in voice compression technology and is a key originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard for the emerging Voice over IP market. For more information, visit

About Emergent

ENS has developed a suite of software products which all operate under Emergent’s ENTICE architecture and combine the best of proven and emerging telecommunications technologies. ENTICE, which is an acronym for Emergent Networks Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment, is designed to interface to new or existing networks to provide control services and a software foundation upon which to layer new services. ENTICE based solutions are designed for “opportunistic innovation.” If the functionality you are looking for is not in one of the ENTICE solutions, it can probably be easily added via ENTICE’s service and customization layers. For more information, visit

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