Degelman Industries Announces the Acquisition of Renn Mill Center

January 8, 2024


Source: Degelman Industries

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – June 8, 2023 – Degelman Industries LP (“Degelman”) is excited to announce the recent acquisition of Renn Mill Center Inc. (“RMC”), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality grain processing and grain bag storage systems which is based out of Lacombe, Alberta.

Both Degelman and RMC are well known leaders in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the agriculture industry each holding over six decades of experience. This partnership further fosters new growth opportunities and shows a commitment to continued success in the sector.

Recognized today for the design and manufacturing of premium agriculture and industrial equipment sold worldwide through an extensive network of dealers, Degelman has grown significantly over the years. Since its beginnings in Raymore, Saskatchewan in 1962, the company has increased its employees to over 400 and recently expanded its multiple manufacturing facilities to further bolster production capabilities to meet increasing demand for its products. With the investment from local fund manager Westcap Mgt. Ltd. in January 2020, Degelman was able to remain locally owned while growing globally which has helped to fuel the company’s continued growth both organically and through acquisition.

This recent opportunity bringing Degelman and RMC together will increase the total employee base to over 500 and diversify to ensure innovative and high-quality products and products lines continue to reach various sectors and markets across the globe.

Degelman’s President Blair Flavel says, “This is a very exciting opportunity, and we look forward to welcoming RMC as a partner that aligns with our existing culture, as well as our future vision to further propel plans to grow the brand, and position for ongoing opportunities in both local communities and global markets we export to.”

Building on a long-standing relationship that began in 2008, the strength of Degelman and RMC’s partnership has continued to thrive. Core values will be preserved, with cultures and principles that align, as well as the strong belief in delivering customers with quality products and demonstrating integrity throughout the process. RMC’s management and employees will remain in place serving dealers and customers with the same quality product that they have come to expect. Doug Hilsabeck will remain Vice President of RMC and continue to work closely with Degelman to collaborate and enhance offerings and the overall customer experience.

“This makes both Degelman and RMC more diversified companies while continuing to flourish as innovators and leaders in the agricultural sector on a stand along basis,” says Flavel.

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