Degelman & John Deere OEM Agreement

June 18, 2021


Degelman Industries and John Deere OEM Agreement adds new heavy harrows to John Deere’s tillage equipment lineup for 2021.


Regina, SK (February 9, 2021) – Degelman Industries LP and John Deere Company are excited to announce that they have reached an OEM Agreement to provide a line of heavy harrows designed for small grains farmers. This gives the John Deere dealer network a powerful new tool for managing heavy residue, controlling weeds and volunteer plants and for warming the soil ahead of spring seeding.

Three heavy harrow models will be available and include the HH50, HH70, and HH82 set up in 5 or 7 row configurations with 50-, 70-, and 82-foot working widths respectively. In the field, the heavy harrow can be operated up to 12 mph. The harrow’s robust torsion bar design hugs the contour of the field while keeping consistent down pressure moving across rolling terrain to effectively shatter and evenly distribute straw residue and move the soil.

The harrow’s quick folding and unfolding sequence can help farmers move more quickly between fields. Easy to reach service points, and exclusive long-life carbide tipped tines keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

While John Deere dealers will have access to this new line of harrows, Degelman will continue to manufacture, market and promote the Strawmaster 7000 series of heavy harrows to our authorized Degelman Dealer network as we have for the past 27+ years.

In addition to the 7000 series, Degelman will continue to exclusively offer the Strawmaster Pro high performance field conditioner, Strawmaster+ high performance harrow and Strawmaster X disc harrow to their entire dealer network.

For more information about the HH50, HH70 or HH82 Heavy Harrows, visit

For more information on the Strawmaster series of heavy harrows, visit