Government of Canada Announces Support for Innovative Businesses

June 26, 2015

Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative Assists Western Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises Move Ideas to the Marketplace

June 26, 2015 – Edmonton, Alberta – Western Economic Diversification Canada

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Today, the Honourable Michelle Rempel, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, announced the results of the second intake of the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative. In support of the continued development of a healthy economy in Canada’s West, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) will support 21 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Announced in October 2013, WINN provides repayable contributions to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Western Canada. SMEs can apply for funding to support activities that further project commercialization, helping to move ideas from the research and development stage to the market, such as: product testing and technology demonstrations, equipment purchase and installation, regulatory approval, marketing, and intellectual property protection.

Quick Facts

  • WD is delivering on its commitment to help innovators in western Canada prosper by providing a total of $21 million to help 21 companies bring their cutting edge products, processes, technologies and services to market.
  • Support is being provided through the second competitive round of WINN and will be distributed as follows:
    • 7 projects totaling $7.6 million in British Columbia.
    • 11 projects totaling $11.7 million in Alberta.
    • 1 project totaling $1.3 million in Saskatchewan.
    • 2 projects totaling $473 thousand in Manitoba.
  • Through WINN these projects have leveraged additional private sector support of $21.8 million, more than doubling total project contributions.


“Western Canada is home to many innovative entrepreneurs and businesses, and by supporting their efforts to transform their ideas into products and services we are growing our economy. WINN once again demonstrates our Government’s commitment to protecting jobs and ensuring the Canadian economy remains strong for years to come.”

– The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification


Proponent Description WINN Funding Amount
1132734 Alberta Ltd. This project will develop new composite materials and techniques to replace the metal connections currently used in pipeline construction. This technology will support the oil and gas industry as they move to replace metal in pipelines in an effort to reduce corrosion, cost and production times, and improve pipeline safety. $2,200,000
Au-Zone Technologies Inc. Au-Zone will use these funds to help commercialize their embedded Computer Vision Software IP and Software Development Kit (eCV SDK). This software and the associated development tools allow original equipment manufacturers to efficiently and cost effectively enable complex computer vision functions to new and existing products for the industrial/commercial and automotive markets. $150,000
Cantega Technologies Inc. This project will assist in the launch of a product line of devices to be fitted to overhead power distribution equipment to protect wildlife from electrocution, while protecting power systems from animal and bird caused power outages. $1,253,534
Carbon Engineering Ltd. This project will lead to the commercialization of Carbon Engineering Ltd.’s CO2 Direct Air Capture technology, which is currently being demonstrated at pilot scale in Squamish, BC. This technology captures CO2 directly from the air and separates it as a pure, high-pressure stream which will then be sold for use in the production of ultra-low carbon-intensity fuels. $1,268,050
Emercor Ltd.. This project will develop and commercialize E Sheathing, an insulation product that addresses the need for higher energy efficiency in residential structures. $300,000
Great Northern Power Corp. Great Northern Power Corp. will develop, validate, and commercialize a waste heat to power (WH2P) system that recovers waste heat from natural gas field compressor engines and uses it to generate clean on-site electricity. $2,772,000
Innovative Trauma Care Inc. This project will manufacture and market the second generation iTClamp50 Hemorrhage Control Device. The iTClamp is a temporary wound closure device to control severe bleeding within seconds of application to a penetrating injury, reducing blood loss until the wound can be surgically repaired. $2,250,000
IntelliView Technologies Inc. This project will commercialize a gas leak detection system using an intelligent video system. Using advanced video analytics, the system automatically detects gas releases and hazards in real-time, allowing operators to quickly respond to a situation leading to enhanced safety, site security and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. $500,000
Nanalysis Corp. This project will allow Nanalysis Corp. to commercialize a next generation benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer, which is used to investigate the physical and chemical properties of organic molecules. Nanalysis Corp’s NMR is compact, simple to operate, affordable and has the power needed for industrial applications in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food science sectors. $496,150
PK Event Services Inc. This project will commercialize PK Sound’s large format, commercial loudspeaker system using robotics and state-of-the-art software to remotely adjust every module, ensuring audiences receive the same, high quality sound regardless of venue shape or seating. $300,000
Surface Medical Inc. This project will develop and commercially deploy CleanPatch, an industry-first repair technology for damaged healthcare surfaces. Surface Medical Inc. is working closely with healthcare practitioners to identify at-risk and high-touch surfaces to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions. $220,300

British Columbia

Proponent Description WINN Funding Amount
AbCellera Biologics Inc. Antibodies are naturally produced molecules that serve to fight off infection and disease, and are the basis for many potent and low side-effect treatments spanning cancer, inflammation, and infectious disease.  This project will commercialize a new state-of-the-art technology that greatly increases the speed and efficiency of isolating high-value antibodies from natural immune systems. $625,000
dPoint Technologies Inc. dPoint Technologies Inc. will develop and commercialize a high performance membrane, known as Gryphon, for use in buildings. dPoint membranes are used in Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and enable the transfer of sensible and latent energy between building exhaust air and supply air without allowing the transfer of contaminants. $1,061,500
ePACT Network Ltd. This project will commercialize a cloud-based emergency management system that will improve emergency preparedness and safety for families and organizations in the event of a crisis. The “ePACT” system will be a central hub for users to securely store medical information, while allowing it to be shared with a network of relatives, friends and organizations such as employers, emergency management groups and community groups. The system also allows participants to communicate across their networks via web or mobile. $920,152
Eight Technologies Inc. This project will commercialize the Cumul8 Data Story Application, an all-in-one software tool that supports data exploration, visualization and storytelling. The Application will allow the power of ‘big data’ to be more broadly applied and used by everyday businesses and professionals. $1,375,000
Industrial Plankton Inc. Industrial Plankton Inc. will use funding to commercialize a 2500 liter algae reactor and a 1500 liter zooplankton reactor. Project activities will include the development of pilot reactors, field testing, third-party electrical certifications, as well as patent filings. $156,225
Saltworks Technologies Inc. This project will assist Saltworks Technologies Inc. in demonstrating their robust, reliable wastewater desalination and water reuse technologies in the industrial target markets of oil and gas, mining, and waste management. Funding will go towards building, installing and demonstrating both full-scale and pilot-scale plants of Saltworks’ SaltMaker Evaporator Crystallizer, a modular low temperature system for true zero liquid discharge, and ElectroChem, an advanced electrodialysis technology. $2,900,000
Tasktop Technologies Incorporated Tasktop Technologies Incorporated will enhance and commercialize Tasktop Data, a software product which unlocks the data accumulated in disparate applications to provide unprecedented insight into the effectiveness of software development processes. $552,900


Proponent Description WINN Funding Amount
K9 Storm Inc. This project will develop and commercially deploy an enhanced communication system that will allow police and military dog handlers to give commands to their dogs (K9s) when they are working at a distance. $25,000
Novra Technologies Inc. This project will commercialize IP encapsulator transmission and reception devices with the goal of increasing data rates and expanding data management and security capabilities.  User benefits include better quality picture and sound, greater interaction, and in some instances access, to the Internet by way of television, digital signs, in-store TVs, kiosks, or captive audience networks. $447,500


Proponent Description WINN Funding Amount
TinyEYE Technologies Corporation TinyEYE Technologies Corporation will develop a new platform and business system for online speech therapy delivery. Project activities will include designing the software framework, validating and refining its design, marketing activities, pilot-scale testing and deploying the initial version of the platform. $1,250,000



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