Integration of Paradigm Consulting Group and Smart PlanIT Expands Expertise and Services

April 12, 2021

Released April 5, 2021


Paradigm Consulting Group and Smart PlanIT have just announced a strategic integration of the two companies.

“This is very exciting news for both our customers and our employees, because it brings a new breadth and depth of expertise and skill to both companies, and it expands growth opportunities for all of our employees,” said Mark Lemmerick, CEO Paradigm Consulting Group.

The integration of the companies will result in richer services in the insurance, public sector, and health care fields, and in relation to business and digital transformation services.

In this process, the management teams will be combined, providing a much more robust overall management team, while also ensuring that the reporting structure for both companies remains virtually the same. The process used also ensures that customers will continue to work with their current account contacts, while also having greater access to additional services and resources.

“Both Paradigm Consulting Group and Smart PlanIT have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and connections in areas that are aligned, but are also slightly different. What this means for our customers is that together we now bring an even more robust package of services and skillsets to the table,” said Todd Jackson, Partner, Smart PlanIT.
The company will be integrated under the name Paradigm Consulting Group. Smart PlanIT will be identified as Smart PlanIT, a Paradigm Company.

“One of the benefits of this integration is that the brand promises of both Paradigm Consulting Group and Smart PlanIT are very aligned. Both organizations are keenly focused on creating mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, our consultants, and communities,” said Lemmerick.

As organizations that are rooted in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Paradigm Consulting Group and Smart PlanIT are also aligned in their focus on providing exceptional, locally based, business services to all clients. Both are confident that the integration of the two companies will play a key role in growing the pool of locally based professional consulting jobs in the two prairie provinces, into the future.

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