Philom Bios Inc. Acquired by Novozymes Biologicals

December 13, 2007

Release Date: December 13, 2007
Philom Bios Inc. Acquired by Novozymes Biologicals Sale of the pioneering Saskatoon bio-based company is a positive development for the company’s future growth.

Saskatoon, Canada (Dec 13, 2007) – Today Novozymes announced completion of the acquisition of Philom Bios, Inc. The inoculant company will become the cornerstone of Novozymes’ BioAgriculture business.

For Philom Bios, the acquisition means access to Novozymes’ resources, greater
opportunities for growth and a larger entry-way into the US and international
agriculture markets.

President of Philom Bios, Calvin Sonntag, said the sale should be seen as a
positive development for the company’s future growth and its 70 employees in
Canada, the United States and Australia. “Novozymes has been keenly
interested in agriculture as a growth segment for three or four years, and is
committed to investing in the growth of this business” Sonntag explained.

“This is a strategy we have been developing since the beginning of 2006 when we planned our entry into the organic and sustainable agriculture market,” said
Novozymes Biologicals’ President Ted Melnik.

Using technologies developed in Salem, Va, Novozymes will expand Philom Bios’ current market presence in the agricultural segment. The merger will provide future opportunities for growth of Novozymes in Salem; however, no immediate changes are planned. Philom Bios’ agricultural business will continue from Saskatoon, Canada and Novozymes Biologicals’ existing business will remain in Salem, Va.

“We are committed to establishing Novozymes as a leader in the sustainable
agriculture industry, providing earth-friendly alternatives to traditional pesticides and fertilizers,” Melnik explained. “This merger reinforces that commitment.”

About Philom Bios
Philom Bios is a world leading inoculant company with over 70 employees across
North America in research, manufacturing, marketing and management and in its
joint-venture operations in Australia. Headquartered in Saskatoon, SK, Philom Bios
is a Canadian public company serving the needs of farmers with high-value
inoculants. For over 25 years, Philom Bios has been committed to farmers through a
dynamic partnership with distributors and leading retailers.

Novozymes Biologicals is based in Salem, Virginia. The company is a whollyowned
subsidiary of Novozymes A/S, based in Baagsvard, Denmark.

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Philom Bios Inc.
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