PRESS RELEASE: The AVR Lab collaborates with Librestream Technologies to expand services for field-workers to increase operational efficiency with industrial AR, AI and IoT.

October 30, 2020

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Melbourne, Victoria (20 October 2020) – The AVR Lab, a leading supplier of augmented and virtual reality (AVR) technology and services announces their partnership with Librestream Technologies (Librestream) , bringing the Onsight platform to the Australian and New Zealand markets to expand the services available for field-workers, increasing operational efficiency for the rugged environment.

COVID-19 has triggered a heightened need to have real time support for remote workers, having access to experts with live video, audio, augmented and IoT data overlays to ensure complex jobs are performed safely and efficiently.
As part of the global research undertaken by The AVR Lab to select a partner, a number of factors were included in assessing platforms that not only meet the demands of the Australian environment, but also have a strong presence and focus in industries needing a more rugged solution. Librestream’s Onsight was found to be one of the industry-leading platforms using augmented reality (AR), designed and built specifically to perform in rugged environments including areas with extremely low bandwidth. Onsight is used across the globe with industries such as: energy, oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, mining, heavy equipment, and health.
Backed by central management, Onsight offers valuable insights through robust data analytics and dashboards. With a broad range of software capabilities and optional inspection accessories, the Onsight augmented reality platform is the most comprehensive augmented reality enterprise software on the market.

Several of the benefits that the Onsight platform provides include:

  • Improved consistency and productivity through digital work instructions
  • Verification and support via remote expert video assistance
  • Creation of intelligent data via Computer Vision and advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • The ability to capture and centralize content for training and audits
  • IoT data visualization from test instruments and data sources

“We are excited to work with the Librestream team” said Danny Gambaro, Director of The AVR Lab. “We have been looking for a solution that meets the needs of the Australian market, specifically for our more rugged industries and have found Librestream Onsight to be one of the best solutions in the market. In addition to this, the team at Librestream are easy to work with, and the synergies between our businesses are very aligned.”

“We’re honored that The AVR Lab chose our industry-leading AR solution for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Librestream’s offering enables customers to achieve the benefits of AR, such as cost savings, productivity, increased revenue, and more. As an independent provider, The AVR Lab’s choice to offer Librestream to its customers is a true testament to the strength of our solution and its ability to bring impactful results to businesses” said Tim Harader, VP of Business Development at Librestream.

About The AVR Lab
The AVR Lab was founded in April 2020 as a subsidiary of Accuteque Global Pty Ltd, a Management Consulting firm, founded by Caroline Patton in 2002, that has been providing services to the Australian and New Zealand markets for over 18 years. The company’s focus has been on finding the right solution for its clients’ business challenges. AVR services have been one of the broad range of services offered by Accuteque.

The AVR Lab was established as a separate business, focused on bringing the best AVR technology and solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market. Partnering with Director of Emerging Technology, Danny Gambaro, Patton set up The AVR Lab as a start-up within the existing business structure of Accuteque and currently services clients across Australia. For more information about The AVR Lab, visit our website at: and for more information about Accuteque, visit our website at:

About Librestream Technology
Librestream Technologies Inc. is the leader in developing innovative mobile video collaboration solutions for energy, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. Deployed globally, the Onsight video collaboration platform brings the eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to immediately resolve issues and assess environments.