Solido Design Ranked as Top Two Company in DeepChip Design Automation Conference (DAC)

September 8, 2010

Report SAN JOSE, CA – September 8, 2010

Solido Design Automation today announced that it was ranked the number two company overall based on user response in DeepChip’s annual Design Automation Conference report. The Solido Variation Designer results can be found at

Asked what were the most interesting specific tools seen at DAC 2010, semiconductor designers highlighted the following aspects of Solido Variation Designer, a variation-aware custom IC design product used as an add-on to existing custom design and SPICE simulation tools:

  • Custom IC design analysis across variation effects such as PVT corners, random, environmental, and well proximity
  • 5-10X faster variation analysis than with SPICE simulation alone, with SPICE accuracy
  • Determining device sensitivities to variation, based on impact on design specifications
  • Recommending specific transistor modifications to fix and optimize the design “We are excited to be recognized in John Cooley’s long-standing DAC report, which was first published back in 1994,” said Amit Gupta, President and CEO of Solido Design Automation.

“We are pleased with the positive response to our variation design product, which enables fast, accurate variation-aware design with existing custom IC design tools.”

Information on Solido Variation Designer can be found at

About Solido Design Automation Solido Design Automation, Inc. is a leading provider of variation-aware custom integrated circuit design software. Solido Variation Designer and application packages are used by custom IC designers spanning analog/RF, I/O, memory and standard cell digital library design teams, to improve design performance, parametric yield, and designer productivity. The privately held company is venture capital funded and has offices in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Europe. For further information, visit or call 306-382-4100.