Vecima Networks Launches New 900 MHz OFDM Broadband Wireless System

December 4, 2007

Release Date: December 4, 2007

The WaveRider LMS8000 Features Market-Leading Throughput Performance and System Capacity at 900 MHz


Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX: VCM), a leading supplier of broadband wireless solutions and principal member of the WiMAX Forum, today announced the introduction of the Next Generation WaveRider 900 MHz broadband access system, the LMS8000 Series.

Featuring OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology and incorporating the superior WaveRider Dynamic Polling MAC, the LMS8000 Series is specifically designed to enable network operators to fully exploit the non-line of-sight advantages of the 900 MHz band.

The new WaveRider LMS8000 900 MHz Series provides industry leading throughput and subscriber capacity. Based on price and performance, the LMS8000 allows Wireless Internet Service Providers to offer the most competitive 900 MHz broadband services in their markets.

“Since our acquisition of the WaveRider product line about a year ago, Vecima has committed extensive research and development resources to enhance this product which raises the bar in the 900 MHz arena,” said Vecima Executive Vice President Douglas Fast. “The new design provides the best in class performance, features and reliability in the industry.”

The LMS8000 offers over-the-air data rates of up to 13.5 Mbps and user access speeds up to 8 Mbps in a 5.5MHz channel. This increased throughput along with the superior Dynamic Polling MAC significantly increases capacity and enables operators to offer higher tiered subscriber pricing models and services including VoIP. “Operators will quickly realize significantly higher ROI based on the new WaveRider LMS8000 Series features and performance,” said Douglas Fast.

Adaptive Modulation automatically ensures the best data rate the channel can support is used at all times. Separately for each link, the base station and subscriber stations determine the most efficient modulation scheme to transmit, adapting continuously to changing channel conditions. This key new feature greatly enhances system capacity without operator intervention.

The LMS8000 Series consists of the CCU8000 base station, the CCU8010 Integrated base station and the EUM8000 subscriber station. The EUM8000 is an outdoor integrated unit with a smart diversity antenna. A key advantage for existing WaveRider network operators is that legacy EUM3005 indoor subscriber stations and EUM3006 outdoor model subscriber stations plus the MMT9000 mobile units are compatible with the new CCU8000 and CCU8010 base stations.

“As a beta trial-site, we put the new LMS8000 base radios and subscriber radios into our live network. We are very impressed with the reliability, throughput and adaptive modulation performance of the LMS8000,” said Michael Sine, President and CEO of Frontier Communications, based in Belleville, Ontario. “The huge subscriber capacity and the ability to offer additional grades of service will not only enable us to expand our network but will be key to providing higher-speed services to businesses and power users. This new product makes us more than competitive with any wire line, cable or wireless operators coming into our marketplace.”

Wayne Fredin, Vecima Networks Vice President of Sales, added, “The new WaveRider LMS8000 Series, combined with the WaveRider 5.8 GHz and 4.9 GHz point-to-point and point-to-multipoint backhaul products, offer leading edge power and simplicity. The WaveRider product family is the perfect workhorse for a wide array of users including wireless Internet service providers, public safety, municipalities, enterprise, video surveillance and military marketplaces.”

Vecima Networks will begin shipping the LMS8000 Series product on December 10, 2007.

For more information about Vecima’s LMS8000 and other WaveRider products, please email or call (306) 955-7075.

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