Weyburn Inland Terminal Ltd. Purchases Sedley Seeds

July 7, 2011

“Lentil production is a key part of the farm economy in south-eastern Saskatchewan” noted CEO Rob Davies.  “We have been operating essentially at capacity with our existing plant, so the Sedley Seeds facilities provide a significant opportunity to increase our processing capacity and provide a higher level of service to both farm customers and end use buyers.”  

The Wecker family, owners of Sedley Seeds, were “pleased that the operation stayed locally owned, and that farmers continued to be key stakeholders in the business”.  The Weckers farm in the Sedley area.  

“Weyburn Inland Terminal continues to be a profitable, farmer owned and directed Company” said Carles.  “We continue to look for opportunities to add more value to our operations on behalf of both our customers and shareholders.”  

Sedley Seeds (2007) Ltd. is a privately held Saskatchewan based company located in the Rural Municipality of Lajord No. 128, near the village of Sedley.     

WIT is a shareholder-owned, farmer-directed grain company located on CP Rail’s Soo Line near Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Since its start in 1976, ‘The Terminal’ has been at the forefront of change in the industry, leading the way to help improve the overall efficiency of Canada’s grain-handling system. The philosophy and goals of the company are summed up in its mission statement: Profitability Through Service, Innovation and Integrity.

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