WIT announces strategic review process

December 13, 2013

Over the past several months, the Board of Weyburn Inland Terminal has been reviewing strategic options for WIT.  The Company has retained Johnson Advisory Services Inc., as its financial advisor, to assist in exploring and evaluating strategic options.

The decision was made by the Board to pursue expressions of interest regarding the potential sale of some or all of the Company.  After receiving several non-binding expressions of interest, the Board has elected to further develop and negotiate a definitive transaction agreement with two critical objectives in mind; maximizing value and liquidity for shareholders, and providing a strong competitive environment for our customers as our business environment continues to evolve.

There is no firm timetable for reaching an agreement, and WIT cautions that there can be no assurances or guarantees that these negotiations will result in a definitive agreement.  The WIT Board will only approve a specific transaction if it determines that a transaction meets the two critical objectives mentioned above and is in the best interests of WIT.  If any transaction is approved by the Board, the transaction will be presented to shareholders for their ultimate approval.

As part of the review of strategic options, WIT has amended the CEO’s employment agreement to ensure continuity and support during the strategic review process.  The agreement permits Mr. Davies to terminate his employment at any time after January 15, 2014 and receive a retention payment in an amount equal to 15 months’ salary and a pro-rated bonus.

WIT is a farmer-owned and farmer-directed grain company located on the CP Rail Soo Line near Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Since its beginning in 1976, ‘The Terminal’ has been at the forefront of change in the industry, leading the way to help improve the overall efficiency of Canada’s grain-handling system. The philosophy and goals of the company are summed up in its mission statement: Profitability Through Service, Innovation and Integrity.


Rob Davies, CEO
Claude Carles, President
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