This is your opportunity to PAY YOURSELF FIRST with regular contributions easily deducted from your bank account into your Golden Opportunities investment account.


Get Started Electronically!


Or, speak to your Financial Advisor. To find a Financial Advisor contact 1-888-866-4494.

Avoid scrambling at the last minute!

Put saving for retirement on autopilot as regular deposits from your bank account are invested into your Golden Opportunities account.

Worried you don’t have enough money to invest?

Choose the amount and frequency (ie. biweekly or monthly) that is best for you!

Did you know almost 1/3 of Canadians aged 45-64 have no personal savings for retirement.¹

Your retirement goals are important. Start today and put your mind at ease knowing your retirement plan is underway!

¹Source: 2018 CIBC Retirement Planning Poll.

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