Formerly, iQmetrix Global, an ecosystem of networked companies that develop Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that has been in operations for over three decades.

iQmetrix Wireless: operating in the telecom retail industry, is a mature retail management platform designed to enable telecom retailers to deliver a buy-anywhere strategy through multi-channel inventory management and digital retail solutions, to make data-driven decisions using powerful reporting, and to unify storefronts and digital channels for a consistent customer experience.

Ready: operating in the hospitality industry, is a high growth connected dining platform for restaurants, stadiums, and hotels which facilitates contactless transactions, allowing guests to order.

Shiftlab: operating in the workforce management industry, is a high-growth performance-based scheduling platform designed for retailers. Shiftlab’s data driven platform utilize AI-based technology that offers workforce scheduling designed to maximize performance and employee engagement while reducing labour costs.