Terra Grain Fuels Inc.

Largest wheat-based ethanol production facility in Canada operating a 150 million litre ethanol facility near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan.

Stampede Drilling Inc.

Stampede Drilling Inc. offers reliable drilling services in western Canada. The management team and field staff have over 60 years of drilling experience in the oilfield.

Performance Plants Inc.

Leading global biotechnology company with patented technologies that weatherproof various crops through period of drought and heat to maximize yields.

Jump.ca Wireless Supply Corp.

Jump.ca Wireless Supply is a leading seller of wireless technology in Saskatchewan, one of the fastest growing consumer markets in history, including cellular phones, wireless data solutions, high speed internet, interactive television and monitored security systems.

Warman Home Centre

A leader in the building supply industry in Saskatchewan and operates across diverse sectors of the home building and renovation industry with the following divisions: Warman Home Centre, Warman Homes, Warman Truss, Warman Metals, Warman Cabinets and Warman Renovations.

Superior Farms Solutions LP

With manufacturing facilities in Imperial and Regina, SuperiorFarms Solutions LP (doing business as Riteway Mfg.) has a history of designing and launching equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of farmers around the world. Riteway sells its equipment through its network of 190 dealers spanning 350 locations. Although Riteway continues to design and build new products, Riteway’s Land Roller remains the company’s top selling product.


Safety Seven Manufacturing Inc.

Manages the Licensing of the Manufacture, distribution and sales of safety and ergonomic products including a strap-on, safety footwear product with anti-slip soles.

Can Pro

Located in Arborfield, Saskatchewan, in the heart alfalfa country, Can Pro Ingredients operates an alfalfa dehy production facility with international customers.