54E Dev Studios Inc.

54E Dev Studios Inc. is the developer of One Shot Golf, which provides users with the experience of a 5 hole round of mini-golf where they play with, and against, others from around the world controlling robotic putters in a real-life mini golf course physically housed in a warehouse in Regina, SK. Players compete against themselves and each other in a tournament setting for points and prizes.

Vize Labs Inc.

The proprietary software developed by Vize Labs Inc. makes digital teams easier to manage by turning data already available through communications tools into new corporate insights with which better decisions can be made.


TAIV.TV is an innovative, technology company with proprietary firmware that utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor and manage television content providing businesses with control to customize and target the content displayed on on-site televisions to its customers.

Three Farmers Food Inc.

A local, established consumer packaged foods brand known for its healthy snack products that are locally sourced, including proprietary roasting technology completed in Saskatchewan, and sold online through Amazon’s platform, and in over 4,000 retailers across North America.